Not Your Typical Horror Story

If you have Netflix and watch any kind of horror show, stop what you are doing and watch The Haunting of Hill House. In my opinion, it is on of the best horror show that is currently available to watch. The show portrays a family who currently live in the Hill House, and experience some horrific sights. The parents flip and sell homes to the public. They have five kids, each with their own unique story and characteristics. Basically, this show produces the stuff nightmares are made of for your viewing, without showing a drop of blood. It is just all around creepy, and if I say anymore I can give away too much. You honestly need to just grab popcorn, soda, and some candy. Turn your lights off, and just sit down for an dark and eerie ride. This show has definitely had an emotional effect on me, the characters have so much personality, and the scenery, makeup, and camera shots are outstanding. In others words, I definitely recommend this one, and you will not regret it. FIVE STARS!

Director: Mike Flanagan

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Halloween Handicapped Accessible Family Fun

Preface: So, currently I am in a boot recovering from a car accident in January. I was hit head on, on a two lane highway. I broke seven bones, but now I am down to one…a pilon fracture and it is now October. October is my favorite month, obviously due to all the spooky fun festivities, but this year it was different. Certain Haunted Houses stood out to me due to the non-handicapped accessible characteristic. If you think about it, most haunted houses or attractions have steps, gravel, complete darkness and small spaces, and seem like a not so good idea to a person on crutches, walker, cane, or in a wheelchair. That changed…

Millstadt Eckerts Farm: I came here a bit nervous and worried that it was going to be difficult for me to participate in some of the activities. I brought a scooter for my ankle and used that for the entire night. The gravel was a little bit difficult to get through, but hey it was an awesome workout for me and the entire location was not made of gravel. There was a market, places to get food, animals to pet/fed, an apple hill, bonfires, putt putt, rides, a haunted house, and a haunted hayride. All of this was handicapped accessible. There were even other people in wheelchairs, scooters, and wearing boots and I thought this just said something about the location. Getting on the hayride was really simple and everyone who worked there was willing to help. Since it was raining, I was allowed to wait by the entry way of the hayride with a roof over my head. Once my family was at the entry way, they provided me with the possibility of a ramp to help me up, but me being me, I did not need a ramp. I just climbed in and was able to participate in the fun haunted hayride full of family spooks and scares that was a good time. During the hayride you ran into Leatherface, a Purge like group, someone running through the corn field (best scare ever), a giant corn combine, and a girl wearing and creepy bird mask. I was able to take part in the hayride twice…

I would definitely recommend this location for some Fall/Halloween fun and don’t forget to grab your pumpkins.

Location:  2719 Eckert Orchard Ln, Millstadt, IL 62260


Pet Sematary 2019

Today, the Pet Sematary remake trailer was released. Pet Sematary is a book that was written by Stephen King about a literal pet cemetery, where people once buried their animals that has a very different after effect than most cemeteries. If you haven’t seen it yet, it shows a family moving into a new house, a massive truck speeding by creating a jump scare, John Lithgow telling the story of the children and the woods, a not so friendly looking cat sitting in the middle of the road, and lots of spooky haunts. The trailer ends with a young girl going into the woods and the camera pans out to a sign high up in the tree saying Pet Sematary. The final words of John Lithgow is “Sometimes, dead is better.” Guys, I am so excited for this movie. I usually am weary about remakes, but the last Stephen King remake, IT, did not disappoint. It looks to me as this remake is going to stay with the story of the original. I am happy with the choice of John Lithgow playing the part of what once was the part Herman Munster played. I have a feeling this one is going to be even more scary with all the new stuff used in movies that we have today, just like the IT remake. Jason Clarke, who was in Winchester and recently advertised, Overlord, will be playing the father of the main family in this film. I think he will definitely do a good job playing the part. What are your thoughts? What kind of rating do you want this film to have? Do you think it will stick with the novel? Let me know 🙂

Directed by: Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer

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An underrated horror movie that I recall just plain out left  me disturbed during some of the scenes when I was 18 years old. During this age, I was watching horror movie trailers(whether or not they were independent/B-movies/Blockbuster hits) during my late evenings. The trailer does not leave you with much understanding of the plot. So, here is my summary: Amusement is a story about three girls who are friends, and they all have one thing in common. When they were younger, they would bully a certain boy. This boy was someone who was different and as he grew older he definitely went down a more disturbed, dark path. The girls however, grew up to be your typical girls and each one presents a different story of how they were all brought back to this boy. Each story has it’s own twists and turns, and you can definitely expect the unexpected. Some may find it just downright discomforting, but others may just find it…amusing…

Director: John Simpson

This movie is currently on DVD, VUDU (free to watch), and possibly other streaming devices. It is rated R.

Recommend watching if you enjoy: Rest Stop, Urban Legend, Tales of Halloween

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“The Real Monsters are Walking Among Us.” – Hell Fest

The quote, in the title, went something like that…

Hell Fest. A Teen Horror Film, for sure. If you are like me, you have an open mind to horror films, but you will still tell it as it is (without giving away spoilers). In short, the summary of this film: A group of teen kids head for a haunted amusement park, Hell Fest. Once they arrive, they are immediately stalked by a man wearing a mask. Do they escape, or will their ride be over? This movie includes some violence and blood (2 interesting scenes to be exact)…but more sexual innuendo…maybe a little too much. There was more fun and excitement going on too. The main actress, Amy Forsyth, was the main prize and the star of the show (I thought), along with Bex-Taylor Klaus. Also, we get a cameo from The Candyman legend, Tony Todd. The haunted houses presented in this movie were amazing. I was definitely interested in the attractions, decorations, set-ups, and the costume designs. If I was presented with tickets to Hell Fest, I would for sure be in!

If you were a fan of Scream: The Series, Truth or Dare, Scream Queens, then you will have a lot of fun with this one. Also, if you have an interest, like me, in just seeing all the haunted houses and characters, you might enjoy this movie too. This movie is rated R and currently in theatres, and definitely a enjoyable Halloween treat.

Director: Gregory Plotkin

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